if you float

a few days overdue. this is the first radiohead song i’ve heard since i graduated from high school that’s reached out and grabbed me. (it was probably the lyrics that did it. i love these lyrics so very much.) maybe it’s silly of me, but it’s just been such a long time since a song of theirs electrified my soul for the first time, and it takes me back to a very happy time. radiohead was my first proper show–august of 2001, with beta band and kid koala as openers. (so, really, beta band was the first real band i loved that i saw for myself live.) i had just turned 16 and i went with friends and had the time of my life. it was mere days before 9/11, at stone mountain outside of atlanta. even though it feels like yesterday, it was such a different world and such a different time. weird in its own ways, but pretty neat in some other ways. in that way, this single makes me think of those good things, and for that i’m grateful. (not to mention… the world feels a little more “normal” when these guys are cranking about politics, whether i agree or disagree…)