burn all your bridges

being out of the united states for a pretty crucial part of my life during which american advertising companies would have done a better job funneling my tastes for their financial gain or inventing problems for me to buy fix-it solutions for was hard at the time (let’s not even get into political messaging), but in the end it’s pretty awesome:  i got to miss out on the second half of the 90’s in the united states. i absolutely cannot stand anything about that era except for a very specific sort of rocknroll music; you may as well take 1990-2000 out of my head and i’d be a happier person! anyhow, apparently i missed this gem of a song that fits in with some of the few things i like about that era, and instead caught it when i got back to the united states.

without the influence of too much TV and reinforced with the reminders from peers at schools in the DoDEA system that i was never going to be like them, i happily decided to just trust that, yeah, i would never be like them, so it made it so much easier to not worry about listening to music “other people” didn’t listen to. it’s not like there’s a record store waiting for you on military installations; the PowerZone (the AAFES go-to of the era, for you plebes!) is there to ensure people are all on the same page tastes-wise, is it not? music was easier to download via napster when i was at the age to find my own music, even with terrible dial-up speeds in italy; this song i did not catch during that time because i was still learning about the glorious nature of things like pavement, radiohead, the flaming lips… stuff that i seriously, obviously, for-surely needed to do at the age of 14. duh.

i eventually caught this video when internet speed and video compression technology decided to magically improve. and it makes me smile!

and this song is just irreverently perfect, because it reminds me of being 15 years old and looking for the right song to jocularly say “fuck you” to those who don’t understand, who want the rest of us to turn our music down.